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The Future of Self-service Mobility Analytics



Accelerating Your Mobility Insights with xyzt.ai and INRIX

Learn how to leverage mobility data using self-service analytics to accelerate time to insights from months to minutes. Discover how to fuse and combine multiple data sources, such as floating vehicle data, environmental data, and more.

In this webinar, xyzt.ai has partnered with INRIX, one of the fastest-growing Big Data technology companies globally, that works closely with leading automakers and government agencies to transform how people and commerce move around the world’s transportation networks.

Bart Adams, xyzt.ai's CTO, tells you more. 


The xyzt.ai solution enables our customers to quickly and easily use INRIX data for traffic-related analysis purposes and to immediately gain important insights for planning purposes without any programming effort. xyzt.ai is the perfect complementary tool to INRIX’s proposition.

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Holger Hochguertel
Director of Sales & BD, INRIX

Accelerate Time to Insight from Months to Minutes

Smarter, cleaner, and safer mobility is a key objective of the European Commission's European Green Deal. A directive towards longer-distance high-speed rail transport, greener last-mile micro-mobility, and zero-emission solutions such as vehicle electrification for fleets, taxis, and ride-hailing services. All resulting in more efficient mobility and a more sustainable and liveable urban environment.

This all sounds great. But how can you monitor this new mobility to analyze the impact and identify trends? Fortunately, digitization, including Big Data platforms, IoT, and connected mobility, has been heavily invested in over the past decade. The data is available; we now need the insights to drive smarter, cleaner, and safer mobility actions.

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Self-service Mobility Use Cases

Learn more about the use cases presented in the webinar and how you can use trips data to extract mobility insights.

Analyze Velocity Profiles

The Elbbruke bridge crosses the Elbe river in Hamburg, Germany. Using trips data from INRIX, Bart demos how to use the waypoints to discover velocity profiles and analyze and identify congestion.
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Ensure Safety

Using four weeks of traffic data, Bart analyzes the speed profiles in the neighborhoods around the schools of Brussels to determine how safe these neighborhoods are and what can be done for improvement.
speed profiles schools in Brussels

Follow the Traffic Flow

Lüdenscheid has a highway bridge that is unsafe and needs to be repaired. All traffic needs to be diverted, and using trips data; it is possible to see, visualize and analyze the impact on the surrounding environment.
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Bart Adams

Bart Adams

Co-Founder & CTO, xyzt.ai

Holger landing page

Holger Hochguertel

Director of Sales and BD, INRIX

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