Spatio-Temporal Business Intelligence for Vessel Builders and Operators


Leverage the Rising Tide of Data

In this mini book, we will focus on how spatio-temporal data and analytics will play a core role in the ship building and ship operating innovations in the coming decade. We will discuss the following five business cases to illustrate how to start using spatio-temporal business intelligence to gain a competitive edge.

  • Vessel status monitoring (for operations, engineering) 
  • Vessel activity monitoring (for operations, for commercial) 
  • Global and local fleet monitoring (for operations, for commercial)  
  • Ocean wave analysis (for operations, engineering, for commercial)  
  • Competitive analysis (for operations, for commercial)  


Digitization will cause a lot more data to be generated over the coming years. An increase in data generation means a need to easily extract insights out of these vast amounts of valuable information. As we will show in this mini book, the visual analytics platform enables easy insight generation from spatio-temporal data.

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